Who We Are

Dan Hart Patrol Service began in 1973 as a single equipment operator and a single "patrol", more commonly known as a blade or grader.

Locally owned and operated, Dan Hart Patrol Service has evolved since those humble beginnings. No longer simply turning up topsoil, the company now reshapes the earth with efficiency and expertise. From building roads to erosion prevention, mine reclamation to oil field preparation, creating specialty retainage ponds to establishing massive landfills, we do so much more than kick up dust.

With hundreds of customers and thousands of projects, we've grown into the premier excavation company of northeast Wyoming. Dan Hart Patrol Service has the equipment and experience for all of your excavation needs.

Dan Hart Patrol Service is
an Official Sponsor of the
2022 Inyan Kara Enduro


Kaizen, meaning "change for the better", is a business approach to continuously improve operations and involve all employees to do just that. Kaizen sees improvement in productivity as a gradual and methodical process to reap huge results.

This is the way Dan Hart Patrol Service and its employees face each day with hunger and determination.